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FCEUX 2.1.5

FCEUX (FCE UltraX) ((FamiComEmulator UltraX heh)) has been a project I've been contributing to since 2007.  FceuX ( is a cross-platform NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) (so many acronyms!) emulator written in C++ that sports a wide-feature set, excellent ROM compatibility, and accurate emulation.  Thanks to the hard word of myself ( and sf:plombo (, fceuX now also can brag about its integrated GTK2 GUI:

FceuX 2.1.5 hasn't been officially released yet (as of this posting), but if your running Linux or most other SDL capable platforms you can get the latest code from subversion and enjoy the new features for yourself.  The code in svn is pretty stable right now (the release is imminent), so it's safe to run this and your computer shouldn't explode (no guarantees :) ) It's pretty simple to compile, so I'll just post the instructions here for anyone that is interested.

First, install the dependencies with your package manager (or from source if you're one of those kinds of people):

  • g++
  • scons
  • libsdl
  • libz
  • libgtk2 (optional)
  • subversion

Now, let's grab the latest fceux source:

  • svn checkout fceultra
  • cd fceultra/

You can edit the "SConstruct" file if you want to turn compile-time options (like GTK) on or off.

Now compile like so:

  • scons

After a successful compilation, the fceux binary will exist at ./src/fceux .  You can install it wherever you'd like (or use "./ to install to /usr/local/bin) and start enjoying some damn Nintendo games.

The release is coming soon, so hopefully your-distro-of-choice will be including fceux 2.1.5 in their repositories (I know Arch will be...).


PS:  Does anyone want to build a Mac OSX Binary?  ;)  If anyone wants to give it a try give me a shout in #fceu in

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  1. Re: OSX
    Could not compile latest svn.
    Undefined symbols:
    "_XKeysymToString", referenced from:
    GDKToSDLKeyval(int) in sdl.o
    ld: symbol(s) not found
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    scons: *** [src/fceux] Error 1
    scons: building terminated because of errors.

    2.1.4a compiled without problems.

    • Thanks for the feedback! We did introduce some new functions with mapping buttons that require some X11 calls that may not be supported by OSX. Feel free to file a bug report or come hang out in #fceu on Freenode (I’m prg318). I don’t have a Mac to test this out, but I’d like to get any OSX compilation issues resolved. It would be great to have a native 2.1.5 fceux binary for OSX.

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