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I work on a lot of projects in my spare time: between music, programming, building things, and attempting to be creative.

I intend to compile a list of projects that I have worked on throughout the years.

  • FceuX (official website) - portable Famicom/NES emulator written in C++
  • LTmud - lightweight MUD client written in Python from scratch
  • GRiver - multi-platform iRiver databse creation software for the H100/H300 series of players
  • Invade Spacers - Space Invaders-like game written in Python and PyGame
  • Honda Check-Engine-Light Checker (available here)
Stuff I intend to add:
  • Old computer games!  (Note to self:  Try to find the source of some of the better games you've written and publish it)
  • Nintendo DS Homebrew (website offline; I need to find this stuff on my hard drives!!) (note to self - find DSdice and DSdnd)
  • Archives of older code projects (WetFire, NIMC, gdoomsday)
  • Music (not sure how much music I intend to release through here, but surely some!)